Keep control on your technologies, choose Free/Open Source Software for your enterprise.

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Our consultants provide you with the necessary help in order to:

  • evaluate the technologies you wish to set up in your organization;
  • develop implementation strategies and data migration;
  • plan your projects;

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we may help your company.

Software Development

Whether it’s to add features to existing software, or to create new applications, our developers are available for your projects, large or small.

Our flexible approach, based on Extreme Programming, ensures that your software:

  • meets your needs;
  • is adaptable to changes;
  • offers superior quality, demonstrated through automated testing;
  • is delivered quickly following each new improvement.

Talk to one of our developers today to determine the scale of your project.

Software Support and Debugging

You are having problems with any free or licensed software? Or perhaps you have developed an application and are having trouble getting rid of a bug?

Our consultants have a great deal of experience with this type of situation. Our wide range of knowledge allows us to find solutions to persistent problems. Our ability to understand the interrelationship between software applications and to determine the systemic causes is a major asset in such cases.

Call us to correct the problem as soon as possible.

Integration of your Existing Software

It is common in a company that some software applications intersect in terms of functions. The data from one application must be manually entered into another in order for the latter to work appropriately. This duplication of data leads to errors during data entry, as well as when updating: where one copy is accurate and another is not.

We solved this problem by developing import/export/reconciliation software for your data.

You need only send the details of the integration to one of our consultants, who will simplify your company’s operations.

Administration of your Servers and Applications

In order for a company to depend on its computer systems, they must be reliable, resilient and efficient. To ensure this, someone must be in charge of:

  • following the evolution of the company’s needs and making sure that the systems are well suited;
  • taking the necessary measures against disasters (loss of data, fire, theft, virus, vandalism, etc.);
  • installing and configuring new servers;
  • evaluating the impact of adding new software;
  • adequately installing and configuring new software.

At XSOLI, we could take on the responsibility of your infrastructure and be the system administrators. We could also combine our expertise with that of your administrators and give them a new perspective on the problems they face.

Contact us today to discuss your needs in system and software administration.

Training and Coaching

In the world of computers, new technologies appear on a daily basis. These never-ending changes require that people working in this field are always being up-to-date with the information.

We train any of your employees who wish to learn the new technologies, or who simply want to expand their knowledge. This training could be either customized courses or part-time coaching to answer their questions.

Talk to us about your training needs and we will recommend the best approach for you.