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XSOLI launches Circle, a free software solution for centralized authentication and authorization

Lévis, September 21, 2010 – XSOLI inc., a consulting firm specializing in the implantation of Free/Open Source software announces the launch of Circle. By simplifying the deployment of centralized authentication and authorization in a company environment, it will become an alternative to proprietary licensed products and to custom solutions based on LDAP. Integrated with Circle, network service security will also be enhanced with the use of authentication and public key encryption instead of passwords, thus preventing any interception of communication.

Although several types of free software can already centralize users, they only partly meet the security requirements of companies and require a significant amount of manual interventions. They offer no default policies that are consistent with teamwork where all the members do not have the same access privileges. It is these weaknesses that Circle addresses. By integrating different existing software with clear policies, it will simplify the administration of systems distributed across a growing number of physical and virtual servers.

“This project will allow system administrators to quickly set up an integrated solution for user and authorization management,” said Sylvain Falardeau, president of XSOLI. “No more searching for recipes to configure the different software that has to connect to the LDAP server in order to authenticate users. Some configurations do not mesh well, others are incomplete or only use passwords for authentication, which is inefficient for today’s companies. Circle offers security policies, a web management interface and documentation on the best practices, which will simplify the task for system administrators and those in charge of IT security”.

The project promotes community participation in its development through the use of free tools such as Drupal and Bazaar, which facilitate collaboration. For those who require technical support or personalized development, XSOLI offers the assistance of its specialists.

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